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“Dear Gabrielle, it is not easy to find words that will adequately express my gratitude and the respect I feel for you as a practitioner and as a human being. You held a sacred space for me to find, what I have in this lifetime, searched for, for over 50 years. The way in which you heard me, accepted me, and led me was incredible. I felt as safe as I would have had you been Archangel Gabriel…I mean that. Your guiding words were ever present and focused. Not once did you give up on my process….The work you do is amazing, and I’m sure I am only looking through a tiny window at this stage…Thank You Gabrielle, my prayer is that I will accept the miracle that you helped create for me last night with open arms. Sincerely with Love and Light, N”


“Thank you so much for the experience & healing that I have received. I am getting better each & every day & I am growing stronger in body, mind & spirituality…so many new opportunities are opening up for me. The sense of balance & tranquility is AMAZING! My sense of peace, love & tranquility has grown more since my session & it continues to. Many positive things are coming my way because of this. My sincerest gratitude Gabrielle & I am more than happy to let people know that it is the greatest experience that anyone can ever have! Love & Blessings NM.”


“A few months ago I had a Regression Therapy session with Gabrielle. It was a beautiful and profound experience during which I gained many insights and healing. The environment was wonderfully comfortable and relaxing and I felt completely safe as Gabrielle’s voice gently and softly guided me where I needed to go. I have known Gabrielle for several years and know her to be a highly skilled, caring practitioner. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Kind regards, EH”


“I spent a sacred time with Gabrielle, exploring past life connections to present time…The experience offered me so much insight to the sometimes confusing repetitious cycles I vow never to repeat. I have carried with me ever since the awareness of witnessing reactions to life events as they appear, with greater strength and understanding. Thank you, and bless you Gabrielle. I have recommended my friends to you whole heartedly…. GF”


“Gabrielle has blessed me with clear information from that mysterious hidden dimension in the past two years. Gabrielle has shown up in her capacity as psychic medium and clairvoyant channel with integrity, accuracy and authentic care. I trust her and her insights. Regards, IH.”


“I have known and worked with Gabrielle for over 7 years. Gabrielle worked in my retail/holistic shop, Soul Destiny, for 3 years on a weekly basis, doing complimentary therapies: Energetic, Crystal and Spiritual Healings, Psychic Mediumship, Clairvoyant Channelling and Readings. I found her to show empathy, compassion, integrity, and honesty in all her dealings with clients. I cannot speak highly enough of Gabrielle’s sensitivity, gentle approach and compassion for her clients, and I have found Gabrielle very accurate with the messages through the healing sessions, channelings and with her readings she has done for me over the years.” BF


“I have been visiting Gabrielle since 2007 for Spiritual & Crystal Healings as well as Psychic Mediumship & Clairvoyant Channeling Readings. These Sessions have been so accurate, successful and powerful for my personal destination. Gabrielle’s Reading & Healing Sessions have helped me to open to my own truth and to live my truth. I have so much faith in Gabrielle’s work, which I feel has opened the path of my destiny…Yours Sincerely, CH.”


“Thank you for our session the other day. I have never met another person who could listen as well as you…I think I’m on the path to connecting more with my Higher Self. I hope to come and see you again one day.” D


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your caring, loving and transformational work with me this week. I feel different and so much more alive somehow. You have helped me over the very darkest of my journey and I now know my journey is never alone.” RS


“Thank you for such a beautiful and incredible experience, for your gifts of time and graciousness. It’s been such a comfort and lightening of spirit to have received the wisdom and love from spirit! I feel peace.” KB


“Ever since the past life regression, I am able to connect instantaneously with my spirit. I honestly don’t know how to describe it. It feels like my physical body disappears and I’m pure energy and yet I’m grounded…I’m so grateful for finding you, meeting you and for you being God’s instrument in helping people heal their past life wounds so they can move onwards and upwards.” ZO


“Thank you so much Gabrielle for such an interesting, supportive and enlightening process. It also felt very safe and just a little weird…loved it!” HJ


“I’m finally off the 35 year methadone habit I was trapped on & it all started the day I did QHHT with you. I know the reason my guides led me to you! From that day, I have been getting more spiritual & more in contact with my Higher Self…starting with the trip home from your place…Also, that night I had my first dream for probably 20 or 30 years. I will never forget that day. I know now it was your kind heartedness & the help you gave me that day, that started me on my journey back to the real me! Thank you, I’m feeling really good. Yes Gabrielle, you helped me wake up! I can now feel energy from some stones & crystals when I hold them & my crown is buzzing, started getting a strange whirling sensation on my forehead, think my third eye is starting to wake up. I knew back then the drugs were blocking me. I’m now on a high being straight! How good is that? Bless you & give yourself a pat on the back, because you & your QHHT are the real deal! Forever grateful.” K


“Hi Gabrielle, just wanted to say thank you again. Our session has helped me so much and I am so thankful for your guidance on my journey.”FL


“I just want to say a huge thank you to you. I have been listening to the recording since I came back. I am very impressed by you. You really did a great great job on me. Your beautiful voice, your patience and your understanding which I do wish I could have. And after listening to the recording, I found I missed a lot when you were talking to me during the process.  But I hope it will still help me when I listen to the recording and follow your directory. Now I feel I am lighter and my heart is unattached. Thank you very, very much.” JH


“I played your QHHT session last night and today. Great stuff.  So much has come together nicely – even since this was experienced just 3 weeks ago…Thank you so much for enabling me to connect and begin to work through these energies that make themselves available to me. Highly powerful and motivating stuff. These can be confusing to deal with alone but your sessions and the associated recordings are highly beneficial. You have been extremely helpful in guiding and facilitating this development. Love it. ” AA