Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

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What Is QHHT and how may I benefit?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) was developed by Dolores Cannon, and is a powerful healing modality which works to access information and provide healing at a Theta level of consciousness.

Most healing happens at a Theta level of consciousness. Theta level is like when we are just drifting off and just awakening from sleep. It’s the time when we are tuned into the soul, yet are still aware, as intuitive images, sensations and memories are drifting through our minds.

During a session we access the subconscious at this Theta level, to release information that you would like to find to help you move forward in life in so many areas. A lot of our fears, pains and blockages are held at the deep subconscious level, and by accessing them, they are brought to light, acknowledged and released. Many of our hidden gifts, talents and longings are awaiting to be unlocked.

What happens during a QHHT Session?

People come to a QHHT session with a list of questions which they would like addressed, regarding such areas as health, relationships, life direction and purpose and so much more. Some people just come for the experience, but find whatever needs to be explored arises.

My role is to create a comfortable space for you to share your intentions for your session and to clearly understand what it is you wish to address for the greatest benefits. I  then act as a guide, to gently and easily take you to this deep subconscious level, asking the questions along the way for you to gain the greatest insight and deepest healing.

During a session you are guided by your Higher Consciousness to exactly where you need to be to have your questions answered. This information may be accessed through this lifetime’s experiences, or past, future or between life experiences. You don’t even need to believe in past lives to receive great benefits from the session.

Some people are taken back to early childhood, in utero, or a past life that holds a key to perhaps a blockage or restriction that is occurring at this present time. Past strengths and talents may also be revealed. Others find themselves in the space between lives, before they chose to incarnate. Others meet up with guides, or loved one’s who have passed. Some experience other dimensions as different life-forms. Each experience is unique, and directed by your own Soul’s guidance to the most appropriate time and place for you.

After the lifetimes are explored, we address your specific questions with the Oversoul, Group Soul, or Higher Self. Dolores calls this part ‘The Subconscious’ and it is in fact that larger, wiser, all knowing, all loving part that holds awareness of everything that has ever happened to you, in this life and through all time and dimensions. This part speaks directly through you and works energetically with you to address any issues that need awareness, balancing and healing within your body or energy field. Once we find the cause and understand the message of where it comes from, amazing insights and even instantaneous healing can be experienced. When this healing guidance is embraced and then acted upon, life changing transformations can occur.

How do I prepare for a QHHT Session?

Please allow yourself some quiet space in the week or so before coming along, to reflect upon your main intentions for wanting a QHHT session. The process of tapping in to the Higher Consciousness will have already begun well before your session, so please keep a note of any dreams, memories or inspirations that arise between now and then, and do bring it with you. The subconscious speaks through the memories, images and symbols that we use in our dreams and daydreams, so please hold an awareness of what comes up for you beforehand.

It would be beneficial for you to write down some of the questions you would like addressed, or even just the areas that you wish to focus on, and we will have ample time for discussion at the beginning of your session.

Sample Questions:

* How may I experience more health/happiness/balance/abundance etc. in my life?

*Why am I experiencing this physical discomfort/disease and how may I experience wellness?

*What lifestyle or dietary changes would most benefit me now?

*How can I become more self aware?

*What is my biggest obstacle to moving forward?

*Why do I experience this difficulty in my relationship with my partner/parent/sibling/child etc?

*Is there any contract that I have that needs to be broken or karma to release at this time?

*Why do I have this particular fear/phobia that prevents me from enjoying life?

*How may I move in a more purposeful direction in my work/relationship/lifestyle?

*How may I open to my spiritual/creative gifts?

*Do I have a Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guide whom I may meet?

*What may I do to more fully align to Divine Will and how may this be expressed in my life?

You will need to allow at least 4 hours for your QHHT Session and the fee is $195.

Your Process will be facilitated confidentially & with great care, from a comfortable & private space in a Southern Highland’s Healing Centre.   

Usually only one session is necessary, however some people choose to return for sessions further down the track, to explore other aspects as they arise, to gain specific information or to go deeper into parallel life experiences.

Your QHHT Session will be digitally recorded for you to take home to listen to. Please bring a small USB stick  for the recording to be transferred to.

It is highly advisable that you listen to your recording as soon as possible in the days following, but please not whilst driving. You may feel that you remember everything from your session even through your altered state of awareness, but just like waking from a dream, much information is forgotten until it is triggered again through listening to your recording. New insights come to light. Such a lot of information comes through during a QHHT session, and often it is in many layers, on many levels. More insight, and therefore more benefits, will be gained each time you re-listen to your recording.

Be gentle with yourself after your session. Have something nourishing to eat, drink lots of water and if possible, allow yourself the space to be in quiet & positive surroundings. Please know that your QHHT session has not finished when you leave, rather the process continues, especially over a period of the three days following, sometimes longer. Dolores speaks of this ‘window’ as a powerful time where the healing and insights continue, often through the sleep state but also through your day, so please hold an awareness of what comes up for you and take note of it. This makes it tangible in your world.

Those who gain the greatest benefits from QHHT are people who are willing and dedicated to put into place the guidance and direction received from the Higher Consciousness, taking the necessary steps to integrate it as part of positive change in their daily lives. As the saying goes “Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet.”

I know you are going to have a most wonderful and unique experience…just relax, release all expectations, and enjoy this amazing and often life changing process!

“I spent a sacred time with Gabrielle, exploring past life connections to present time…The experience offered me so much insight to the sometimes confusing repetitious cycles I vow never to repeat. I have carried with me ever since, the awareness of witnessing reactions to life events as they appear, with greater strength and understanding.

Thank you, and bless you Gabrielle. I have recommended my friends to you whole heartedly…. GF”

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