Genome DNA Stem Cell Healing

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The Source Of All Life creates the Divine Blueprint of Perfection. We as humans, create a deviation from the Divine Blueprint of total health & harmony, through our past patterning, our thoughts & feelings, and mainly through our subconscious.

We can hold in the energy field and our organs & body systems, these old patterns of consciousness, from our genetic lineage as well as from unexpressed, unresolved, unacknowledged emotions. Feelings of hurt, emptiness, resentment, anger, grief, helplessness & hopelessness can become part of us on all levels- head, heart & organs. Our organs literally embody these emotions.

However, through the power of our consciousness, we also have the ability to restore balance to Divine Perfection, for health, harmony, vitality & abundance. The human body is designed to regenerate & rejuvinate itself continuously & unlimitedly. We have the ability to heal on all levels through accessing the immense power of Consciousness. We can activate new blueprints for regeneration within cells, organs & the energy system.

This is the power of Genome Healing. It involves connecting to & transforming organs, systems, genomes, DNA and chakras for the transformation of body, mind & soul. When we begin to acknowledge that all our body organs and systems, indeed all of our cells, have a consciousness as well as a male & female part, then we can work with them for full & optimal functioning, to restore harmony, health & wholeness to the entire being. The fundamental aim achieved through Genome Healing is restoration to the Divine Blueprint or ‘Creator’s Norm Blueprint’.

At this amazing time of acceleration, it is the moment to step fully into the Creator-Self and utilise the power of Consciousness for positive transformation for ourselves, our planet & the upliftment of All Kind.

Genome DNA Stem Cell Healing is a cutting-edge modality created by Carol Roberts, a student of Professor Arcady Petrov in Moscow, one of the ‘Russian Miracle Workers’. It isbased on the principles of quantum physics and inspired by the powerful teachings of Russian scientist and healer Professor Grigori Grabovoi.’

When your body becomes your temple and you treat each cell with loving kindness,

you will begin to know that each living thing upon this planet is but a cell of the greater Oneness.

When you experience this Oneness, you will treat each living thing and the planet itself with the same loving kindness as you treat each cell of your body.

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