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My name is Gabrielle and as an Energy Practitioner and Intuitive Channeler who has been deeply involved in the field of spirituality & alternative therapies for over 20 years, I genuinely aim to assist you on your Life’s Path, your Soul’s Journey…through compassionate, intuitive support & guidance…enabling you to find clarity, connection, balance, healing, awareness, alignment, activation, inspiration, joy & true self-empowerment.

Please find on offer, a selection of light focused & heart centred, uplifting & empowering modalities aligned to this Age, and to the ‘Now’ moment:

*Soul Guidance Readings

*Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Dolores Cannon Method of Quantum Healing)

*Energetic Crystal & Sound Vibrational Balancing

*Genome DNA Stem Cell Healing

*Group Regression/Past Life Regression

*Meditation Alignment & Activation Circles



Our Divine Selves…The Source Within

Times are changing rapidly, energy is shifting as frequencies are accelerating. We are opening to higher light octaves and new paradigm energy realities. We are going deeper into the awareness of awakening to our own Divinity, the ‘Source’ within. We are becoming more conscious that everything we need or desire exists within us.

Each and everyone of us has an inner knowing, the ability to ‘in-tuit’ what is for our highest good. As we learn to recognise the Universal Source existing within us, around us & through us, and tap in to this power, we find within what we think we are wanting…whether it be answers, guidance, direction, insights or wisdom, or the key to being our authentic selves, to simply feeling joy and happiness or even the ideal state of health, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

The more we go within, connect to and live from this inner environment that is ‘Source Energy’, the more we can experience joy & happiness, even if our outer environment isn’t yet reflecting this. In joy, we raise our vibration and we simply can no longer come from the place of illness, lack, or deprivation. Each of us is learning to access and develop this relationship with ourselves inwardly, whilst importantly bringing expression to this part of ourselves into our daily lives. We may know this as Divine Self, Source Within, Higher Self, the Highest Consciousness of You, Mighty I Am Presence or God-Self.

We can align with this through any number of ways, including breath, yoga, intention, prayer, meditation, stillness, connection with nature, through creativity such as art or journal writing, and through Quantum Energetic Therapies. As we align our daily thoughts, words and actions to this Inner Guidance, the Source Within, we may ask “what is in my highest and best good today, for the greater good of all?” Then as we listen, trust and move forward with this inner guidance on our life path, step by step, we will be shown the way.

The signs of Source are indeed everywhere. Such signs and messages often come through nature in the form of animals, plants, clouds etc or through words that you read, are spoken by a stranger or even hear through a song. We are however, not always open and willing to receiving these messages and sometimes we are just not paying attention. As we practice being present, and being empty, allowing the answers to be revealed to us without expectations or attachments to outcomes, we begin to more fully access our Right Brain Consciousness.

Theta work, through modalities listed on this site, such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Energetic Therapies, and Meditation Alignment & Activation, will help to open up your right brain awareness, and bring a greater balance between the hemispheres of the brain, so that you can more clearly see and hear the messages of nature, guides, angels and guardians of the ‘Silent Realms’ and more fully receive & understand the guidance from your Inner Source of Wisdom.

DNA Activation

Scientifically, we already know that we have at least twelve strands of DNA. Up until now, humans have only been using two strands, which store the codes to function the physiology of the body and everything that goes on consciously & unconsciously. The other ten strands, up until recently, were being called ‘Junk DNA’. In recent times, Russian researchers have documented that they are not ‘junk’ but can be activated with sound & light frequencies and various other types of energy.

Scientists have not yet figured out what the dormant strands are for, but it won’t be long before they discover this. Many ‘Light Workers’ know that those dormant strands hold our greatest potential for everything we could ever hope for, or dream of… and beyond.

When we start to activate these strands, through Quantum Energy Practices etc, we begin to open to the potential of restoration to our ideal state of well-being on a physical level, the possibility of lifetime longevity as well as the key to incredible wisdom, peace, harmony, joy and abundance. The DNA & RNA hold the key to opulence, alchemy & transformation, that the master alchemists of the past understood.

How do you know you are activating the DNA? It is happening to all humanity, whether one is conscious of it or not. From a state of awareness, those who have been ‘working’ with energy or involved in alternative therapy practices, will certainly be able to feel the frequency changes, the coding downloads, the greater shifts occurring and may choose to consciously activate their DNA to accelerate this process. People start by shifting or transmuting old, dense, heavy energy out of their way. Then as the DNA/RNA is activating, you may start to experience increased energy, increased happiness and physical vitality. You may notice the positive changes in your work and relationships and start to become aware of things you didn’t realise before.

Activating the dormant DNA is what wakes up our being and brings us out of unconsciousness…as individuals and as a Race. We step into our God-Self, Our Highest Potential, Our Light Body Self, where we keep our body with all our DNA encoded, and tap into our incredible gifts and potential that we have to share. Becoming our activated Light Body is ascension.

As we begin to activate the dormant DNA & RNA, we are having such amazing experiences of awareness, restoration and transformation.

So the answers literally lie within us…In the DNA of our cells and in our deep reconnection to our Divine Selves.

Quantum Healing Therapies, New Paradigm Technologies and Vibrational Energy Practices, such as those offered on this site,

are now readily available to support us during these amazing times of transformation,

as we ‘re-activate’, ‘re-member’ and ‘re-embody’ our Divine Potential

…for our good and for the greater good of All Kind.



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